Cadence Tubular Bandana

R 48.15

SKU: GIFT-17106

Cadence Tubular Bandana
25 ( l ) x 50 ( w )
100% polyester

This is an extremely versatile multi-purpose garment, manufactured from soft and stretchy polyester. It is wind-resistant, breathable, wicks perspiration, and is quick drying. The Cadence Tubular Bandana can be worn as either casual wear or in the outdoors where it offers protection from sun, wind, dust, and insects in summer and keeps the neck and head warm in winter. It can be worn as a headband, beanie, pirate-style cap, foulard, helmet liner, neck gaiter, balaclava, dust screen, scarf, hair band, scrunchie, bandana or wrist band. This item is machine washable, doesn't need ironing, and is one size fits all.